Fire Hose Baler Twine Fishing Net Braided Rope Jute yarns Clutch Yarns Slings Mop Yarns Hammock Yarn / Twines Hand Knitting and Carpets Twisted Ropes Belts Trimmings Butcher & Meat yarn
Machines suitable for processing
PES, PA, PP, Aramid, UHMPE, Rayon, PP,…
Staple fibres
OE, DREF or Ring spun, Cotton, Wool, Acrylics, PES, Aramid,…
Tapes or Raffia
Fibrillated or non-fibrillated PP or PE and paper.
Composite yarns
Filament or texturized fiberglass, Copper or Inox wire,…
Serving many industries, and many sectors
From Biotech to floor mop yarns. From fishing, sport and protection nets & ropes to MRG reinforcement (pressure & lay-flat hoses, conveyor and transmission belts, tires,…).
From baler twine to heat insulation materials.
From hand-knitting yarns to artificial grass
….anything that needs to be twisted!!
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Galan Textile Machinery, S.L.
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